How to: Set-up a Helpdesk / Asset Management

This guide will show you how to create and manage a helpdesk. Those are just the basics, but enough to make a good start!



We’re going to use Spiceworks for our helpdesk. Not only does Spiceworks have a helpdesk, they do also have Asset Management and a free network monitor. The reason we’re choosing Spiceworks is because we had to to set-up something fast without spending too much time, also it’s free and it gives us an overview of the current problems. Your helpdesk will be accessible by a webbrowser. If you don’t have any hardware to host the software on I can recommend to use the cloud version. It’s also free to use but it will only contain the helpdesk, so it will not include the inventory or network monitor.


To make sure you have the following:

  • The Spiceworks installer file
  • Either: Windows Home, Professional, Enterprise edition OR Windows Server 2008 and above
  • About 15 minutes of your time.

Installing the Helpdesk

Installing Spiceworks is quite easy. Just download the Spiceworks Installer file and execute it as an Administrator. The installer will open, just click next and install.

Spiceworks Upgrade

The installation may take a while, it will automatically create a web-server for you just for the Spiceworks software.

Helpdesk Installation

Once the installation is completed. Just close the installer and launch Spiceworks by clicking on the desktop icon. It will take you to the following screen:


This is the screen that tells you Spiceworks is booting. Just wait a few minutes, depending on the speed of your computer. After that it will take you to a log-in page of Spiceworks. For now a Spiceworks account is needed to log-in. They will add Active Directory accounts soon.


Your software has now been installed. You’re ready to access it on any other computer inside your network. Just type the IP address of your web server in your favorite browser and your good to go! If you want to add extra technicians you need to create Spiceworks accounts for them too. The reason for this was stated earlier: they do not support Active Directory linking yet.