Cheat sheet CentOS 7 terminal commands

Terminal Commands CentOS 7

Everyone who is learning the basics of Linux can use a small cheat sheet to help you getting to know the system better. There are 3 rows in the table below. The first one displays the command, the second one will show you what the command does, and last but not least, the last column gives optional (extra) information about the command. All the commands are listed for the terminal of CentOs 7. If you have any suggestions regarding the list, please let me know in the commands, I will add them if needed.

If you want to start using CentOs, you can download it from their website. Choosing a Linux distro is a hard task, if you want to create a (web)server environment I can really recommend CentOS as it’s quite stable and  there’s a lot of documentation available if you require.

Cheat Sheet CentOS 7
Command Description Comments (optional)
sudo Runs a commands as Super User A very important commands as it allows you to do literally everything.
yum Lets you install software and packages Often used with the sudo commands.
ls List Directory Contents Lists everything in the current directory.
cd Change Directory Used to switch directories.
pwd Display pathname Displays the current pathname.
mv Rename or move files Moves/renames files or directories.
cp Copy files or directory
mkdir Make Directory Create a folder in your current directory.
rm Delete files or folders
who Checks who is logged on Shows all online users.
clear Clear terminal window Clears the complete window of your terminal.
systemctl (start/stop/enable/disable) Manages OS services and start-ups
firewall-cmd CentOS Firewall Critical system function (security).
nano Text editor Not installed with minimum install.
tar Unzips tar archives(+more)
unzip Unzips an archived folder Commonly used with .zip files.
chmod Change file permissions
chown Changes owner of a file or folder