Contacting server issue’s while using Microsoft Office

We are using Microsoft Office 365 on our environment and noticed that more people are experiencing issue’s with the Microsoft Office Suite. This is not limited to only one program, but includes Words, Excel and Powerpoint, basically the complete Office suite. Whenever people try to open the ‘file’ menu Microsoft Office will freeze and a small window will pop-up stating that it’s trying to connect with the online services. This keeps popping up for a few times and after about 5 minutes the window that you originally tried to open finally shows up.

Unfortunately, even after the long waiting time, you’re still not able to save the document if it’s located in your OneDrive folder. After some investigation I’ve noticed that the problem lies with the implementation of OneDrive in the Microsoft Office suite. As more people started complaining, I tried some common fixes that didn’t solve the issue:

  • Recovering the Office installation. Both recoveries won’t solve the said issue.
  • Re-installing Office.
  • Installing Microsoft Office 64-bit (as 32-bit was installed).
  • Reconfiguring OneDrive: logging out, deleting the directory and resyncing everything once logged back in.
  • Re-installing OneDrive by removing it and redownloading it from the Microsoft website.

As this didn’t work, I tried my luck by posting on the Spiceworks forums, but unfortunately I didn’t get a solid answer and decided to find my own solution.


I’ve managed to find a few workarounds by my own that solves the issue for now, but I expect Microsoft to fix this issue in the near future. In case you experience the same problem, try the following solution:

  1. You can open the control panel in Windows and open ‘Credential Management’. When opening ‘Windows-credentials’ you should see the Office 365 credentials that are saved on the computer. Remove them and reboot your computer. After opening the Office applications again your computer will ask you to log-in to the Office 365 services again. Use the account you’re normally using and see check if this works.
  2. If the first solution doesn’t work. You can try opening the OneDrive settings menu. After that navigate to the ‘Office’ panel. You will see an option called ‘File Collaboration’ which you should disable. Sync_OneDrive_CitricksIn the meantime you can also disable the option that allows you to save disk space by downloading files from OneDrive once you open them. We’ve noticed this caused problems which crashed the Office suite. The last one is optional. Save_Diskspace_Office_CitricksOnce changed the setting reboot your computer.



Those are the solutions that we tried on our environment and still seem to work. Please remember that this is a workaround and not a permanent solution. If you’ve found any other solutions please let us know in the comments. It could help other IT collegues!