Downloading apps stuck on ‘waiting’ after iPhone/iPad iCloud back-up

It’s been a while since I posted anything. This is mostly because I’m just too busy with projects on my work and education. I was asked if I could help people switching to a new version of their iPhones and iPads. After creating an iCloud back-up I noticed applications weren’t being downloaded to the new devices. Unfortunately, the internet couldn’t help me out with this one, so I had to find out by myself what the current issue was. If you’re experiencing the same issue as me, the following solutions might help you to solve your problem! If I missed any please let me know in the comments so I can add them to the list!


Connect the iDevice to a power supply

When an iDevice is preparing to download all the applications, it might not download because it sees it has not enough power. To solve this simply connect device to a power source and reboot it. After that it should download the applications that are stuck on ‘waiting’.


Wi-Fi network and 3G/4G/LTE

It’s possible that your device cannot connect to the App Store through your network. A solution this is to allow your phone to download the applications on your mobile connection. Please note that this can consume a lot of data, so make sure you’re not reaching your data limit. To allow your device to download applications and updates on the mobile network. Open Settings -> iTunes & App Store and turn on ‘Use Mobile Data’. While you’re at it you can also try to turn on automatic downloads.


Reboot the device

It’s a simple IT solution, but it often solves most of the problems. Force reboot your device by pressing the home button and power button at once for around 10 seconds. It should reboot your device.


Encrypted iTunes back-up

If you really need all your files and apps transferred, consider creating an encrypted iTunes back-up on a Windows or Mac computer. Creating an encrypted iTunes back-up allows you to save and transfer all your accounts (iCloud, e-mail etc.) without having to reconfigure them. The back-up also stores all the applications and settings, so in short: you’re creating a full back-up of your device. Don’t forget to update your devices to the latest iOS version as you’re not able to restore an older iOS back-up to a phone running a higher version iOS.


Those options should solve your problem with not being able to download your apps who are stuck on ‘waiting’. If you find any problems, please report them in the comments and I get back to you as soon as possible!