Cheat Sheet Jailbreak dictionary

I entered the ‘Jailbreak’ world when I had my iPhone 3Gs so that should be around 9 years ago. There were so many terms I didn’t know about and had to ask Google for every single one of them. To make life easier for you I compiled a list (also known as the Jailbreak Dictionary) with common terms of the jailbreak scenery.


Cheat Sheet Jailbreak Dictionary
Name Description
UnTethered Jailbreak Your device is still jailbroken even after a reboot.
Semi-Tethered Jailbreak Applicable to the latest jailbreak. You need to run an App on your phone to jailbreak it again after a reboot. No PC or Mac needed.
Tethered Jailbreak After you reboot your device you need to run the jailbreak application to have your device jailbroken again. Requires a PC or Mac to do so.
Signed When an iOS or tvOS version is still signed you can still upgrade/downgrade or restore to that version. When restoring Apple checks whether the OS is still signed or not. If it's not you're unable to use that version.
Boot Logo The Apple logo that is shown when you boot or respring your device. You can change them by downloading the Boot Logo's from Cydia.
Reset Light version of getting your device back to factory defaults. Can wipe everything excluding the OS and Firmware.
Restore Wipes everything from the device including the OS and firmware itself. After restoring your device you need to upgrade to a signed version of the operating system!
DFU Mode Device Firmware Update Mode: Enables you to connect with iTunes without booting the bootloader or Operating System. This makes it possible to connect with iTunes without having to 'Restore' (and update to the newest version of iOS)!
Recovery Mode Restores your iPhone to the factory settings by updating to the latest iOS version.
Lockscreen The screen you see when you need to unlock your device.
Statusbar The bar on above of your screen that displays the general information like time or your carrier etc.
Dock The row of Icons where your Apps are stored (down on your screen) is called the Dock.
Springboard The main screen of your Operating System. It shows your icons and starts the applications.
Tweak A program that customizes or adds functionality to iOs.
Respring Restarts your Springboard. Mostly used to apply new changes.


If you’re thinking I am still missing something or something is wrong. Please let me know below in the comments so I can add them to the list! If you’re looking for some awesome tweaks for the latest iOs version, click here!