Useful Tips & Tricks for iOs 9

This article will show you some really useful iOs 9 tips & tracks you maybe haven’t heard of yet! Some of these might also work for other versions but those are confirmed to work for iOs 9 (except stated otherwise).

iOs 9 Tips & Tricks

Turn off advertisement tracking

You can turn off advertisement tracking in iOs by going to ‘Settings => Privacy => Advertising‘. Turn on the option ‘Limit Ad Tracking‘. It’s also recommended to change your Advertising Identifier every now and then. Using this option will change your Advertising ID, some advertisers use this ID to track your browser and use it for targeted advertisements.

Request a website to ‘do not track’

You can ‘ask’ websites to stop tracking your surfing habits, i.e. the website you’ve visited or checking your cookies. However, not all websites honor your request and still find ways to track your data. If you still want to enable this feature, you can do so by opening ‘Settings => Safari‘, now scroll down and enable the option ‘Do Not Track’.

Reduce Blue light with Night Shift (Since iOs 9.3)

Apple introduced Night Shift in iOs 9.3. Night Shift allows you to reduce the amount of blue light that your screen produces. You can read the article that I linked you to. But in the end it’s better for your eyes and it helps you to sleep better. To enable Night Shift you open: ‘Settings => Display & Brightness => Night Shift‘.

Password Protect your Notes

Since iOs 9.3 Apple allows you to password protect your notes. If you’re keeping private notes this feature is really useful! Set-up a password by going to ‘Settings => Notes‘, press ‘Password‘ to add a password. If you want to make your life easier you can enable Touch ID.

Remove the iCloud Drive Icon

If you want to remove the iCloud Drive icon from your homescreen. Open ‘Settings => iCloud => iCloud Drive‘. Then disable the ‘Show on Home Screen‘ function. Your iCloud Drive icon is now removed. If you want to revert this change, just enable the function again!