How to: Use Whatsapp on your iPad

This guide will enable you to use the Whatsapp web version on your phone. Some people were requesting and asking if this was possible.


Whatsapp (WA) is a pretty well-known chat application on your phone. People have been requesting a version for the iPad for years, without success. This guide will help you to use WA on your iPad. Please note that you still need to use your phone. Your (i)Phone and iPad needs to be on the same network as it makes it possible to ‘communicate’ with each other.


To complete this guide, you will need:

  • A phone with a Whatsapp (Android / iPhone)
  • A tablet with an internet browser
  • Internet connection
  • Both your phone AND tablet on the same network
  • 5 minutes of your time

Using Whatsapp on your iPad

Take your iPad and open Safari. Open the website Open the ‘Box icon with an arrow in it‘, then on the second row scroll through the icons and select ‘Request desktop version‘.Mine says something else, but the language of my iPad is set to Dutch.


Every web page on this tab in Safari will now open the desktop version of the website instead of the mobile version. The website will reload itself now and you will now see the desktop version of the Whatsapp web version.


Now take your phone and open your Whatsapp application. Go to settings and tick the ‘Whatsapp Web‘ button. Now tick the ‘Scan QR-code’. Scan the QR-Code shown on the website on your iPad.


You can now use Whatsapp web on your tablet. I haven’t tested it on Android yet, but as long it supports the ‘Request desktop’ feature in your browser you’re good to go. Please ensure to have both of your devices on the same network to make this work.