Cheat sheet Teamviewer Terminal commands

Teamviewer Terminal (Linux) no GUI Cheat Sheet

Below you find a table with Teamviewer Terminal commands. You can find this list on your own by using the “teamviewer help” command. This list will help you installing or maintaining your no GUI Teamviewer install. If you’re looking to install Teamviewer on your Linux OS, take a look at this page.

Cheat Sheet Teamviewer Commands
Command Description
teamviewer Starts the Teamviewer user interface.
teamviewer help Show the help screen (this list).
teamviewer version Shows the version information.
teamviewer info Shows your ID + status etc.
teamviewer ziplog Creates a .zip file containing your TV logs. Commonly used when contacting support.
teamviewer license Shows the End User License Agreement.
teamviewer setup The setup we used in this guide.
teamviewer passwd Set a password for others (or you) to connect.
teamviewer daemon status Shows the current status of the Teamviewer daemon.
teamviewer daemon start Starts the Teamviewer daemon.
teamviewer daemon stop Stop the Teamviewer daemon.
teamviewer daemon restart Restart the Teamviewer daemon.
teamviewer daemon disable Stop Teamviewer from launching on start-up.
teamviewer daemon enable Enable Teamviewer to launch on start-up.